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Originally Posted by nite-stalker View Post
you would have to put some shims under the bearing, so the carrier does not "slide" sideways when under load. but like you say, the open diff is not flush mounted, are the bearings somewhat close ended?

shims would also allow you the opportunity to adjust tooth contact pattern.

don't forget to check pinion depth too.
yeah, i have to pretty much read up on all of that stuff. I think one of my friends used to install carriers into housings so hopefully he'll know how to check the pinion depth, and shimm it out correctly. If not i have to find someone local who can do a proper job for me.

I also don't understand what you mean about close ended. but i just uploaded pics.

Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
Are the bearings themselves taller? They look to be. Can you pull them off and swap them? If so, that might save someone a little grinding, too. If I'm wrong, sorry, I can't tell from the pics. Great work, though. You may need a new sig pic, soon!
No, the bearings look to be about the same size.
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