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Originally Posted by BuckwheatOne View Post
Question 1: is this the ONLY diagnosis for the yellow goo in the valve cover?
It depends on your driving habits. The oil separator can work just fine but if you take a lot of short trips without letting the car warm up and driving off moisture/water vapor, the yellow foamy goo can appear. If you search for valve cover DIYs, there is one (by mkodama, I believe) that shows the yellow goo all over the top of the valve cover. He/she/it attributed the goo to frequently not letting the car reach normal operating temperature

I have a feeling they just wanted to get me to pay for the OS replacement.

I'll be doing the OS DIY.
Good call. It's an easy job. Some people have stated it's really up there in terms of difficulty, but I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It certainly is time consuming but I wouldn't qualify that as difficult.

Which leads to Question 2: Since I have to take off the intake (to install the cold weather version of the OS),
I just installed a cold weather version and didn't have to remove the intake. It's not necessary and just adds a bunch more steps to an already tedious operation.
pull the fuse for the fuel pump and let the car stall out on its own with no fuel in the fuel line?
Yes. Search for fuel filter DIYs. They'll tell you exactly what to do, what fuse to pull, etc. That would ideally avoid the mess when messing with the fuel line.

Nope. How thoughtless of me.

You're welcome. Good luck!

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