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I have not done a retrofit or an upgrade on the navigation system (other than nav firmware in my car), but I can make a few comments (hopefully accurate ones).

The E83 is the X3, this is the last iBus based vehicle BMW is making. The E46 cars are iBus based. The navigation system communicates over the iBus so you need an iBus navigation system. As the X3 is still being made, the navigation computer from the X3 should probably work in an E46 car even though it could be made on a date after the E46 had ceased production. For example I have a TCU module manufactured in 2007 from an X3 in my 2005 M3. E46 cars were out of production by 2007 but it works fine. As BMW introduces new vehicle models, they switch to optical fiber MOST based communications. The new X3 (due out shortly?) will undoubtedly switch to a MOST bus. The MOST bus is what iDrive nav systems use. iBus and MOST systems are completely incompatible and you can't use a MOST component (nav computer, radio, TCU, CD changer, etc) in an iBus car. This sometimes trips people up when looking for a TCU on ebay to add bluetooth to their car. The MOST TCUs look similar to the older iBus based TCUs but the connectors are different (and the sticker says that it's MOST based).

That said I suspect that any DVD based Mark IV nav computer would be fine in your car. There may have been some subtle improvements in the computer from 2002 on (when they introduced it). I have never seen any discussion of what changed for the different revisions, I am not sure anyone has this information. I believe you can upgrade the firmware to the latest version on any of the Mark IV computers. From there is the part list of nav computers from E46 cars:
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 09/2006 65900412427 ENDED
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 09/2006 65906983311 ENDED
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 12/2006 65909115033 ENDED
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 09/2007 65909133178 ENDED
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 03/2008 65909154053 ENDED
01 Rmfd navigation computer 1 09/2002 65909176686 $2,672.90

Then there is the part number you gave from the X3 which is newer.

The board monitor (screen) and CD player behind it is a E46 specific part as it has to fit the dash). Again any one from an E46 car should be fine. A used one might have wear, scratches, etc.

I think sna77 sorted out the radio module issue (which sits in the trunk next the nav computer), he posted a link with part numbers:, and I gather you've been in touch with him. I would go for a relatively recent radio.

One comment: if you buy a nav computer via ebay, it may come coded for a different language. Interestingly there appears to be a range of European E46 parts that appear for sale in the US on ebay. I found this out the hard way with a GSM based TCU module that wouldn't work in the US. You can change the language coding on a nav computer using a laptop, NavCoder software and a Resler ibus interface. You can also turn alter the settings in your bluetooth TCU with navcoder as well. Again sna77 has done this, but I have played around with navcoder as well, it's pretty slick.
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