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Originally Posted by conkelid View Post

Thanks for the reply. The earlier quote I had posted called for an "Aftermarket for $3,045.00". That was through Bimmernav with a Widescreen Display Version: CD Player (+250.00). I'm still trying to figure out the parts scenario. I've found allot on E-Bay but am still not sure what to go with. For example:

Monitor: P/N 65 52 6 934 410 Dealership Calls For: 65 52 6 934 411

Computer: P/N 65 90 6 942 908 Dealership Calls For: 65 90 9 176 685

Radio: P/N 65 12 6 934 649 Dealership Calls For: 65 12 6 976 963

Other than that, I'm still in the same place. I can research, but unfortunately I lack the working knowledge and experience of a technician so this may be a while, but I'll be sure to post my findings along the way. If you can think of anything, let me know. Thanks again.
The obvious advice is to get the used parts as recent as possible. However, as you found out that's not quite simple.

My recommendation is to get the harness new, and everything else used from MY2004-on; forget anything from 2003-back. That is, the monitor, the computer and the tuner. The tuner should be BM53 (Business), not BM54 (Professional) as only the BM53 was offered in the USA. You can get the BMW54, but the FM frequencies will be in Euro steps and the AM will be lost. Other than that the BMW54 will sound much better than the BM53 in all sources.

Try to get the harness first, install it and then buy the parts for a quick test, especially the computer. Yes, it is cumbersome to do it that way but you want to be quick in identifying the eBay duds.

One place that you can call and find out what they have is LKQ, either their online store (LKQonline.com) or by just calling them (LKQcorp.com). They are also an eBay vendor.

Good luck...
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