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Originally Posted by vinnybones View Post
I picked up an exhaust off a member and have been trien to get it installed. I have been too 3 different places and here are the numbers . 130$ 175$ 155$+additional if takes longer. I have a y pipe to connect it to muffler (330i) so it's two pipes down into the single inlet. So 3 welds total and it cost 150$??

what you don't understand is that the hour it takes them to do your exhaust (if not more...) they could have done 4 oil changes done.... which would equal anywhere between $120-$200 in revenue

not to mention, if they are cutting your exhaust and welding a new piece, they need to spend some time measuring.... you don't want an exhaust that is off by one inch in either direction because it will either look retarded... or retarded

they are in business to make money.... since they aren't making any money off the parts (since you already have them) they have to make up for it some how...

agree with me whether you like it or not, but in that hour they could be making a lot more doing a tune up or something else along those lines...

hopefully this will make you understand a little bit more.... put yourself in their shoes... would you say $50 to a little guido with a bimmer for an hour of your time, or are you gonna say $200 to the 4 clueless ladies that "think" they need an oil change

clearly that is a hypothetical and i had to bust out the "guido"
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