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2000 BMW 328Ci - *BLOWN MOTOR* - $4000 OBO - Parts Car - 5MT - NY, NJ, CT


Yea, yea, yea, I money shifted it. I feel crappy enough, so please keep any a-hole comments to yourself.

Car: 2000 BMW E46 328Ci Sport/Premium Package
Transmision: 5 speed manual
Exterior Color: Steel Gray Metallic (paint code #400)
Interior Color: Black
Mileage: 147,xxx miles

Asking Price: $4000 OBO - due to being in incredibly good shape and very well-maintained prior to the engine blowing.

This car has a BLOWN ENGINE, which is the result of a misshift from 3rd to 2nd gear (was aiming for 4th..). The engine turns over, but there is no compression, so it will not start. To the best of my knowledge, this engine would require a head job, since I believe the exhaust valves were bent. I blew the motor on 02/02/10. If you are interested in purchasing this car and having the engine rebuilt, you are welcome to have the car towed to a shop of your choice to get a repair quote before committing to the purchase. This way you know how much you'd be paying in total without getting yourself in over your head. I have the title in hand.

Here are a few reasons as to why I feel that this car is worth repairing: The car is in excellent shape, besides the blown motor. I maintained it very well, and replaced a ton of old parts. The exterior is in miraculous condition, and the inside looks great too. If you chose to have the engine entirely rebuilt, it would only run you about $3000. Add that to the $4000 that I am asking for the car, and you have a brand new 328Ci with 0 miles on the engine for a ridiculously cheap $7000!!! If you want to save even more cash, you could opt to purchase a used engine in the $1000 to $1500 range, and the labor would only be about $1000. So right there you could complete an engine swap for around $2500, putting the grand total for a drivable car at a mere $6500! Purchasing this car and repairing the engine is really smarter than buying a 3 Series with a high mileage engine. Not only will you get a motor with low mileage, but you can also swap in a 3.0L engine in for the same price if you choose. If you're really into power, you could even thow in an S54 engine from the E46 M3. The only reason why I have chosen not to repair the damage is simply because I have decided to take this oportunity to upgrade to an M3.

I am not entirely sure if my asking price is accurate for a car of this condition, so feel free to MAKE AN OFFER! All reasonable offers will be considered. I want this thing gone ASAP so that I can make room for my new car.

Keep in mind, this is a highly sought after color combination, and it is definitely difficult to come by, especially in the coupe form of the 328 and with a manual transmission. KBB value for this car is $9,750 (with the engine working of course). I am located in Stratford, CT, about an hour from NYC. Potential buyers are welcomed and encouraged to come check the car out in person. If you are seriously interested, please email me and I will provide you with my phone number.

I bought this car in May of 2008 with 130,000 miles on the clock. Ever since the day I drove her home from the lot, she has been garaged and babied like a queen. The car is in excellent condition for the amount of miles that it has. The paint does exhibit the typical rock chips and scratches that you would expect in certain areas, such as the hood and front fenders, but the car still looks exceptional. When I tell people how many miles are on it, they never believe me and make me show them the odometer! The seats also show the usual signs of wear, and the console/dash have some scratches. None of these little things stick out, though, and it's all really unnoticeable unless you are trying to pick out the imperfections.

This car was very well maintained, and I was a huge perfectionist in many areas. Oil was changed religiously every 5,000 miles or less using Mobil 1. I also wash this car on a regular basis (sometimes every two weeks when the weather is nice), and it gets the full detail every two months or so (clay, wax, buff, interior detail, etc.). I treat my car as if it were my own child.

This car also has a BRAND NEW SUBFRAME installed by BMW! For your piece of mind, they also gave a 2 year warranty to cover any future subframe issues (although I have never heard of the subframe cracking again after the install). As most of you probably know, the earlier E46 models have a notorious tendency for subframe failure. Since I had this repair done already, that's one less headache you would have to worry about, rather than purchasing another car that is supposedly "free of subframe damage". If that's not a lie, then I can guarantee that you will eventually encounter the subframe damage somewhere down the line.

Here's a list of most of the repairs and preventative maintenance that I have had done, adding up to $6,000:

- 5/08: ($1400) brand new OEM Style 43 rims and tires installed (including a full size spare)

- 9/08: ($300) new water pump installed

- 11/08: ($550) new radiator and all new hoses installed

- 4/09: ($250) new intake camshaft position sensor installed

- 6/09: ($140) OEM intake camshaft position sensor installed by BMW of Bridgeport

- 6/09: ($2,070) new OEM VANOS Unit installed BMW of Bridgeport

- 6/09: (covered by recall) complete subframe repair done by BMW of Bridgeport: This was a full replacement. No cheap welds or any shortcuts were taken. BMW did a very thorough and extensive job. I have before pictures of the damage, along with after shots of the repair if you would like to see what was done.

- 12/09: ($270) two new rear sport tires and alignment

- 1/09: ($960) Helmut's Foreign Car Service in Milford, CT conducted a thorough inspection and repair. This visit included addressing every single problem that showed up when the codes were scanned. Any and all issues were solved. Only OEM parts were used. This repair included replacing both rear wheel speed sensors, various vent hoses, ventilation valve, connecting pipe and return pipe, vacuum line, oil cap, right high beam bulb, amongst others. The car was not throwing a single code before the engine blew!

Here are some pics of the car for sale. Some of these shots are old, and the car might look a tiny bit different now (got a new hood roundel lol), but these give the overall feel of the car. Please note that these pictures were all taken when the engine still ran.

Interior (Sorry, these are the only pics I have right now.):

Most recent picture:

2003.5 LSB/black M3 - 6MT - No Sunroof

Carbonio carbon fiber intake, Evosport pulleys
SS V1 Stepped Headers, SS cats, SS X-Pipe, custom muffler delete
Bilstein PSS9 coilovers, HPF subframe reinforcement
GSG Motorsports cross drilled/slotted rotors, StopTech pads, VarrsToen 1.1.2 wheels (19x9.5 ET20, 19x11 ET25)
OEM Euro bumper, Seibon CSL trunk, black kidney grills & side gills, smoked OEM LED taillights, smoked corner lights & sidemarkers

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