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Properly installing the SAC: Set the clutch disk in place, unscrew the bolt from the end of the special clutch alignment tool and put the alignment tool into the pilot bearing, then you are supposed to set the pressure plate in place. Keeping the shipping plate attached to the pressure plate (ninja star looking thing) and bolts the pressure plate in a bit. The way this clutch alignment tool works is that it's shorter so it fits behind the shipping plate, then once you have everything aligned and you bolt in the pressure plate. You get that 14mm allen or w/e massive size it was (can't remember) and you take off the shipping plate. Now you will be able to see the clutch alignment tool that has been hidden behind the shipping plate. You put that bolt back into the end of the special alignment tool and pull it out, done.

From what you have done now, not having aligned the clutch disk properly. You have already set your SAC so once you undo the pressure plate to get the disk realigned, the pressure plate will self adjust and lock in place, making it unusable unless you reset it. Which can be done using this DIY


I guess you can just take the SAC off and realign it properly then put the pressure plate back but I don't know how that really works with it adjusting. From my understanding, you need to reset it before installing it back. I installed mine using my special alignment tool so I don't know a detailed description on how to fix it, sorry man. I used to have a great link on how to properly install a SAC but I can't find it anymore
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