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Seems like your doing well so far, I take Dave Ramsey's style, Automatic Millionaire, and my own plan for budgeting/investing and paying off mortages early.
Currently, refi'd 5% on my condo(using as a rental property since 06')
Zero car debt/payments, 6 months left on girlfriends car
Emergency fund- six months worth, girlfriend has the same
18% in my 401k, 12% girlfriend does
20% for my own trading account, savings for large purchases>1000.00
atleast one extra mortgage payment/year on my condo, her house we are planning for a 6-7 yr mortgage payoff(30 yr fixed original loan)
We still take vacations, and go out to eat but, if we don't have extra money that month, then don't do it. Don't like the feeling of having debt, including car debt.
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