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Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
Nice DIY! Definitely will come in handy...

BTW, where did you get your angel eyes from? And do you have a link to the H11 bulbs? I tried searching on their site but couldn't find it
Its on their site...But I'd wait tell I get back to you, one of the fogs sort of went out after maybe a week, I think its just a connection thing, I haven't been able to get under there again, its been toooo cold and tooo wet/snow outside. I hope its just a connection. I can tell you one thing tho, the ballast stuff is pretty water proof. I got the angel eyes off ebay. Both the hids and rings are 7000k. The ebay seller says 7000k and you get 7000k , ddm says 8000k but you really get 7000k which in my opinion is 10 times better than the 8000k, i got 8k on my mustang , 7k looks good . Let me know if you need anything else. Heres the link
Engine is bone stock, rims and tires, 7000k Angel eyes, 7000k Low beam/Fog, Tinted windows ??%....may the mods begin!!!

Below is a pic taken on 1/16/10
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