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Originally Posted by BigMikeE46 View Post
I'm getting it fixed this week with Art, e30 guy. Oh and btw, love your sig, what happen to the Veyron? I crashed mine last year too. lol
Originally Posted by zhp pilot View Post
You too? I hit a deer at 215 mph in mine last year.
lmao im glad yall got the joke.

Originally Posted by BigMikeE46 View Post
No but all bs aside, we need to do something with the freaking deer man. I don't know how it is elsewhere but we have a lot alot of deer up and down 85. Where i lived in georgia I ran over possums ,armadillo, a bunch of skunk, and I remember one time I hit a gator in the road. Those won't do anything to your car but deer man we lay out some serious damage the thing about deer is that they will stand in the middle of the f'ing road and stare like your in its way, I wish hunting season can be last a bit longer so we can get bambi out of the road and in the oven.
don't worry. I'm working on an invention. well. mostly i just have an idea. but its a secret.

Originally Posted by 330Noobie View Post
whatsup guys just checking in from cary, i work at leith bmw as a tech and just bought my first e46 in september of last year, hope to get an M soon
welcome bud, you sure as hell got the right car for the right job.
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