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Like a HOUSEHOLD income over $150k is out of the ordinary.
While it is surprising how little $150K will buy you, it actually is quite out of the ordinary. According to the U.S. Census, in 2007 the median (mathematical average) household income in the U.S. was $50,233. The average salary was $45,113 for men and $35,102 for women. I understand, I grew up with 2 parents working good professional jobs and I lived in Columbia, MD- it is easy when we are among the privileged to think that is how everyone lives, but unfortunately it is not the norm.

Originally Posted by BartenderPlease
So what kid claimed their parents income as theirs?

I thought the question was on HOUSEHOLD income?
Yes, and your household income would best be described as your income plus your wife's/husband's if married. Your parents income really should only be included if you have full access to all their bank accounts.

Many people believe that drivers of BMW's are richer then the rest of the world, more sophisticated, cooler, more educated! Leaders and not followers!

Guess this poll proves the theory
How does this poll prove any but the first? This poll only asks income. Money does not equal sophistication, coolness, leadership ability or education. Plenty of great leaders make pauper salaries (try to get by on an E5 or E6 salary with a family in the DC area), plenty of well educated and sophisticated people barely get by (try to live on an assistant professors salary). Meanwhile, I know plenty of rich idiots- though they do tend to think their money means something about themselves (i.e. they are self-absorbed, spoiled, conceited, elitists).

I grew up in a pretty rich area (one of the richest counties in America) and most people thought of BMW drivers as snobs and/or "new money" and often as little better than the "ricers" (they were for spoiled kids). I only drive one because they are fun, I'm kind of embarrassed at the image and stereotypes.

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