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Originally Posted by BMW //MPOWER View Post
I'm willing to part with mine for the right price, if your interested shoot us a PM.
At the moment I'm just looking for one to trade with, plus giving the dealer a few $'000 ontop. So unless you're willing to trade with a e36 AND e39...

Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
i doubt he wants a clubsport so he can lose to automatic 325ci's... and civics
lol no comment.

Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
keep nightmaring whilst awake brad.

ps how much big boy, ill pass it onto sina as he doesnt really come on the forums
Thanks for that Sherwin. I'll be roaming the forums every now and then, so tis all good.

M //Power, pm me how much you're after mate. I'll keep it in mind.
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