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Originally Posted by das BENZin View Post
If your valves are making noises at you when the engine is warm but not cold (the opposite of the normal case), the first thing to try is going from a 5w-30 to a 5w-40. If you look, the 5w-30 royal purple is quite thick when cold (thicker than other 5w oils), which I think might be why you only get the valve ticking when warm. Another reason to shy away from 5w-30 is any oil that is SM (the latest API rating) and 5w-30 is a good for the environment, bad for your car, oil (though they are changes which many say don't matter for cars with roller cams)

Check the manual, but IIRC the 1998 manual for a 540 said 5w-40. The Amsoil 5w-40 is BMW LL04.
I think you've got it wrong. I never used 5w-30. 'm running 10w-30 now. This is what the 5w40 states, Don't pay the blue arrow any attention. I would think the 10-30 would be thicker regardless
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Is this a joke? Do you really have so much money, you don't know what to do with it?
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