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Originally Posted by IB RearWheelin View Post
I think you've got it wrong. I never used 5w-30. 'm running 10w-30 now. This is what the 5w40 states, Don't pay the blue arrow any attention. I would think the 10-30 would be thicker regardless

I could have sworn you said you were running 5w-30 royal purple. IMHO, 10w-30 is too thick when cold for that car in the winter (given that BMW specifies 5w year round). Go to a 5w-40. I know Mr. M Car uses 5w-40 amsoil euro in the 540i and he knows his stuff. It might very well quiet down the tapping.

10w-30 is not thicker regardless btw, it's thicker than 5w-40 when cold and thinner than 5w-40 when hot.
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