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Originally Posted by km4n View Post
alright, received and installed! awesome diy.. thanks delmarco once again.. just one thing to add as was mentioned previously.. don't do this in the cold.. one of my plastic things broke but i was lucky that i still get the flush look as the ones on the side were still able to cling on ...

another side note though.. my sunroof is acting up.. it comes half way then goes back.. i am thinking its the cold :S... any ideas?
I've had that happen a couple times since I've had my car. The last time I think I figured out that it was going back in after the fron of the glass starts to push the 'arm' bracing down. Kinda like the safety mechanism kicks in because it met some resistance. I figured this out because if I would quickly use my hand and manualy push down the arm bracing (on the sides) JUST before the glass got to that point then the glass would finish closing properly. It hasn't done that for a long time. I'm thinking the arm/rail mechanism could use a bit of lubing? I'll check the DIY for some info on that and what kind to use.
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