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Originally Posted by Bert336 View Post
The soudn of the HK is not too bad...but not as good as they claim to be...
in my civic, i had Infinity components up front and the mids and highs were so crystal clear. i've got the treble turned all the way up, and the highs still seem muddy to me. if i turn the bass up to the point i want, then the mids and highs get too muddy. i have to turn the bass down to about half way below the mid point to where the mids and highs are clear enough. then there's no bass. also, every now and then, the mids up front will get horribly distorted like they're getting too much bass. it's as if a high pass filter turned off. it's not speed related. it's not from bumps. sometimes simply changing the station will clear it up. so i don't know if its the amp or the HU. at any rate, i'm thinking of doing a pair of JL Audio 6W3 subs on the sides of the trunk with a bass knob up front. that way i can adjust the subs separate from the rest of the speakers. if the HU or amp is dying, i might just look at doing aftermarket for everything.
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