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Originally Posted by mvrk10256 View Post
cheap CEL fix link is in my sig if you wanna chekc it out.

Also can someone PM me an explanation of what you guys mean by "tune" are you going to send your computer of to jet or one of those companies?
Hey thanks for that link. I dont really mind the CEL that much (all my cars have always had it on from things I've done to them , and since no emissions or any sort of inspections happen here in FL, it doesnt bother me LOL. Eventually I will do it just for clean-ness I guess).

Well not sure if you know or not but BMWs have one main way to tune DMEs (which is to have someone else do it; be it by either sending your DME to get flashed by a tuner, or ordering a Shark Injector and installing the re-flash yourself). The other is to do it yourself with some software via a piggyback, but very few people have attempted to do it on E46s. I will be attempting that last option as I do not like cookie-cutter tunes and for the $ it costs to have an actual tuner do the tune (tuning plus dyno time)... I'd rather buy a piggyback setup, a wideband o2 sensor, and do the tune myself for both street and dyno. Im still exploring this path though since not many have ventured into it on our cars.

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