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Originally Posted by Another BM View Post
mmm you should try to fab a heat shield for that... gonna get quite a bit of hot air from the engine bay.

but again it wouldnt make much of a difference.
I agree with your last sentence :-). For a 1-2whp difference, Im not gonna bother.

Originally Posted by froilanr View Post
you were supposed to make a hole through the panel under it and open up some vents in the front of your bumper, hence the long tube. done properly, it should be sitting right on top of the panel where your outside temp sensor is installed.
Oh dang I didn't know that! x2. Well either way I have an M3 front bumper and there is no functional opening around there to get fresh air. The only opening on the bumper is the hole for the foglight, which of course if being taken up by the fog light itself, and it had a vent hole next to it (same bezel piece). But that vent is actually being used by a costum-routed duct for the front brakes.

Originally Posted by RAFF112 View Post
you would have probably gotten better performance with the stock air box and a drop in K&N filter. For the same price though i modified a 2008 GS300 Carbon fiber Intake for mine.
Probably, but like I said; I didnt do an intake for performance. I did it for sound only.

Originally Posted by mtnbound View Post

it's a tube intake - it installs just like the Dinan:
Good to know. Now if we look at how much that Dinan intake is compared to this ebay thing, yea Im still happy (even if I failed to install it correctly) lol. For the difference it would have made to have the filter in the fenderwell, I PERSONALLY dont think it would be worth the labor. But then again, to each their own. I did it for sound anyways so it makes no difference to me.

Thanks guys! at least now I know I had it wrong to begin with lol

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