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Originally Posted by mtnbound View Post
got any pics of your Magnaflow exhaust? which muffler did you use?
I actually just did it yesterday. I had a local shop do this for me for $300 flat. Muffler is PN 12258 (it's a 2.5" single inlet/ dual 2.25" outlets), resonator is PN 10436 (28" long case, 24" actual resonator, 2.5" in/out).

Fitting the resonator (It sits very close to the diff frame thing (I guess you'd call it a carrier? But it never hits it at all)

The muffler itself

The bumper's cut for the tips had to be widened a bit as the new muffler has a wider spread for the tips (which BTW, I re-used the stock tips, so from the outside it looks bone stock. If you dont notice that the tips a slightly more spread apart, only the sound would tell you that there's something going on)

Final mocking, ready to be welded in

All buttoned up. The low point of the whole setup is actually between the rear tires so it never really scrapes. I tried already with guys in the back seat going over speedbumps and nothing (just tire rub on the fender :-(, damn 245s lol)

Sounds awesome. Considering that I have a fully free-flowing catback, this thing is super quiet. Just a nice deep melow tone. At WOT it sounds amazing. Just look at what other E46s sound like with a Magnaflow catback, and add a very tiny bit of rasp due to my headers, and that's what it sounds like. Backfire while shifting upon cold-start driving away from my house scared me the first time, haha.

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