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Originally Posted by Bimmerci330 View Post
do i need anything else besides the new diff to do the install?
nope... however you might have to knock out the output flanges.... this is where the axle bolts in.... there are 6 bolts, however the pattern might be different

if that is the case, get a mallet and just knock them out, should take a good minute of whacking

Originally Posted by 330cirider View Post
how much would it cost for a shop to install new differentials??
time wise, it really shouldn't take more than an hour, start to finish (since they have a lift and air tools)

honestly you guys have no idea how easy this is with the right tools and a lift

but a shop will easily charge a couple hundred bucks for the install... no doubt

Originally Posted by Another BM View Post
maybe 2 1/2 hours labour
most likely...
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