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Originally Posted by Darth Bimmer View Post
LOL, the yellow gunk you see is the cause of the CCV failiure, not the otherway around. They're trying to get your money. + The valve itself "rarely" fails, it gets clogged. once it's warm, you can fill it with brake cleaner or degreaser, wait a couple minutes and empty it. Once this is done gently blow the passages with compressed air and it'll be like new. I say gently because, if you go at it full pressure, you will dammage the diaphragme inside.

(You need to remove it from the car before performing what I described above)
REALLY????? If your going to waste all of that time to remove the OS. just replace the damn thing! They go bad all of the time! I can do them in under an hour! Don't clean it out!!! WASTE OF TIME! I know my time is worth money. Don't remove the intake manifold either! I will get pictures next time I have one come in the shop, And i'll do a fast and simple write up.. Oh and the fuel lines and rail don't need to be removed.
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