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Originally Posted by Hageee View Post

got my new 330xiA with the well known A5S390R (GM5LE040) Automatic-Gearbox.

I've got the Problem, that my Gearbox is running at 60 MPH in Gear "5" with nearly 2000 UPM. If i want to drive faster, i press down the pedal and the gearbox is doing some .....!$%" - the torque-converter "locked" an the engine must speedup with nearly 1950 UPM... that this will never be fast...

The Only Way to accellerate faster is: press down the gas pedal like a elefant (but without kick-down!) and the gearbox switched to gear "4"

The automatic transmission is shifting nicely and i've done a hole oil service with 6,5l atf oil at 85.000 km (now 86500 km...)

Is that "normal" ?!
I've test driven at least half a dozen e46's 325s they all do that. If you're engine speed/rpm's drop to below 1950 rpm, and you accelerate in D for passing and hold your foot constant say 80% throttle, the rep's stay at about 2500 rpm, and the speedometer rises until it reaches a point where the engine will start to increase rpm.

The only way to get faster acceleration is pedal to the metal, forcing steptronic to kick down the tranny or change from D-M and push forward the lever to manually kick down the gear to 3rd gear and accelerate beyond 3500 rpm for passing power.

In fact, what ticks me off is at a traffic light, I'd have to throttle till 1950rpm to get the car moving in steptronics. As if hill assist is always on, enough throttle to release hill assist. I don't think 2004 e46 325s have hill assist on steptronic, doesn't make sense.
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