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It's a mix of humidity vapor AND oil vapor. That being said, you can understand why the gunk is the cause of CCV failiure and not the otherway around.

The gunk you see around the oil cap, also make its way into the oil separator, since you have a tight spiral like passage in there this gunk accumulates and restrict air flow trough the separator. On top of things, this gunk is full of humidity (read water) so, it can freeze in the OS and utimately block what little of the passage that was remaining. It happens on every car. Just that cars who do short drives all the time, are more prone to rappid failiure. Also, 25min. still is'nt that long of a drive. A good drive on the highway once in a while will help. In 25min., especially of city driving, all the humidity does'nt have time to completely evaporate and make it's way to the engine.

My friend is a representative and he has a "run" of customers he has to visit every week, they are all within the same industrial complex so, he starts the car, go to one customer, shuts the car of talks for a while, gets back in the car, start, next cutomer, stop...

So, he had a CCV failiure 3 times last winter and one this year. That's what made me think of a solution for a failsafe. If it works like I hope it will I'll post a DIY. It's going to be very simple but, ruthlessly effective.

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