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I've seen a couple of his shows etc but never really read up on his "system." That said I think my style is fairly similar to what he advocates for.

My original retirement plan consisted of doing 20 years (or more) in the Navy then working a well paying job for 20-23 years after that. Between retirement pay from the Navy, the income from the follow on job etc I didn't anticipate a large need to save money. So I spent my money, almost all of it. When I got a medical discharge with no retirement pay though the plan needed a real quick revamp.

Currently my car and motorcycle are paid for and my monthly bills + living expenses amount to under 2k. I put 7% (+4.5% company matching) into my 401(k), another 8% goes into my brokerage account that I actively manage while 7% goes into savings. Of the remainder of my income about 1/2 gets spent and the other 1/2 accumulates in my checking account. I maintain between $1500 and $3000 in there and when the $3000 is reached I transfer $1500 to alternately my brokerage account or savings. The savings I maintain 3-6 months take home pay in and transfer 3 months worth to the brokerage account when it reaches 6 months pay.

This allows me to maintain cash on hand for purchases, quick access to emergency savings if needed while maximizing growth of my long term savings (brokerage account). My current plan is to continue with minimal expenses and only make major purchases (cars/home etc) when I have the money to do so without a loan.

I bought my house 4.5 years before getting out of the navy and having to move to get a new job. When I sold it I realized renting would have cost me $17,000 less for that time period and at closing I had to write a check to sell the house (small check but it hurt psychologically).

The only home purchase I can be sure I won't move out of before I make money on it would be my retirement home and I don't really care for yard work/home maintenance so I'm saving for my dream retirement home. If at some point in the future I end up married with kids I'm sure my plans will change some but if it's more than 3 or 4 years from now I'm guessing I'll be able to pay for most of the home's value and only need to borrow a small amount.
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