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Originally Posted by robb1887 View Post
7... it was a bad hard drive, the comp isnt even a year old yet.
Originally Posted by bpalm004 View Post
Mine is a Dell to.

Expensive computer+microsoft operating system= epic fail

Microsoft's main concentration is profits. Therefore, they could care less about the quality of their products as long as people continue to buy them.

Examples of sh1tty products: X-Box, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, etc, etc.

I really hope companies like Sony and Apple wipe MS off the shelves. And the funny thing is I USE to be a strictly Microsoft kinda guy, but they have let me down in more ways than one...
Umm... his hard drive failed. That has literally nothing to do with the OS attached, you know that right? Macs are based on the same hardware, so is any Linux box.

And uh... do you think that Sony and Apple are just making things to save the world? Ever noticed how much PROFIT they make?

Yep, Vista sucked and WinMo still (and always will) suck, but c'mon man...

I am not particularly inclined to care about any of the above, but everything just posted was fanboy crap.
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