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Originally Posted by JC_s_1998_M3 View Post
The main difference in a super charger and a turbo is the super charger uses the engines power to make more power where as the turbo uses somthing that will just be wasted energy and turns it into more power, therefore the turbo is more efficent and will end up being the better choice. Turbo kits are also more widely available and you can get for a much better price than super chargers.

I vote turbo.
if i were you brian...i would grow some balls twice the size of texas and get a supercharger. IMO!!!

less hassle, safer to use. love your m3 so much, and it's damn near new. don't fvck it up with a turbo.

I vote super.
Originally Posted by nike001 View Post
Is this a joke? Do you really have so much money, you don't know what to do with it?
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