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Originally Posted by simsima325
I will open it back up, but if you are going to have a meet thread for every month, you really shouldn't start a new one while your current month's meet hasn't even occurred yet.

Maybe you guys should consider just having a monthly chat thread like the DMV people do?
Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Feb meet thread back open...
I take it the Feb meet thread was closed for a bit? My internet is spotty out here, so I must have missed it. I posted early because I expect the March meet to be a big deal, and we need extra time to think about it.

I agree with the monthly chat threads. I think it's kinda intimidating for a new member to enter a 1000+ page thread, lol.
I know what you are talking about... I lurked this thread for awhile before posting. But we are very friendly in here... I especially don't want this to become as bad as reading the MAR chat thread can be.

Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
do we really need to, wont that kill this thread? we all yapp away in here.
Originally Posted by hcaleman View Post
No to monthly chat thread, yes to monthly meet thread.

Originally Posted by cozilla View Post
Yea even though we create the thread for montly meets it always turns into 12 pages of bullshit talking. I personally never go into those threads because it always goes off topic.
This bothers me. If our people don't want to bother with the meet thread, the meets won't be as good as they could be. I will consider harping on OT convos in the meet thread. Keep it to this thread guys!
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