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Originally Posted by vsyucla View Post
What tranny fluid did he refill it with? Do you even know what tranny you have and what fluid it takes?
i seriously don't know for sure. i asked him a few times....but, he refused to tell me what exactly he put in there.......i was so scared before i went there......and all of a sudden so relieved by his positive news that i didn't want to create a fuss, i left.....i know it wasn't a good idea.....but, what to do.....? i did it.....already.

Originally Posted by vsyucla View Post
I'm sure you had more than 1 quart of ATF in there when you drained it. Since you did a simple drain and didn't drop the pan, you probably lost 3-4 quarts. There's probably still more ATF in the torque converter and the filter to do too much damage.

The Vavoline MaxLife Dex/Mercon ATF fluid covers most of the e46 trannies.

You don't want to drain and refill it too quickly. Changing it frequently will shock the system and make things worst.
so, now what do you think i should do?

ok, let me tell you what i want to that the car is in running condition, i want to find a BMW Tranny specialist here in SoCal and take the car to him.........i will narrate the whole story to him and ask him what he thinks......i want to ask him to drive the car with(out) me so he knows what i am talking about......

does that sound right? thanks for your help so far.
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