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Do a ton of research. I started learning to do bodywork and working in my uncle's body shop when I was eight years old. Some important questions for you...

What are the stats on your air compressor?
What brand of gun are you planning to buy? (these days any decent gun is going to be HVLP, I suggest a higher end Devilbiss or Iwata gun, but we are talking easily upwards of $300)
Do you have somebody to guide you or learn from?

Some comments...

Your compressor and gun choice will be very important.
There are VERY few single stage paints these days.
House of Kolor is owned by Valspar.
PPG has some good lines of affordable paints.
Paints in general are going to have numerous lines of varying quality under one brand.
Two stage paints aren't kandy colors as described previously here, multi stage paints are what was being described.
Two stage paints are a base coat and a clear coat.
Kandy's are typically when a metallic base coat is layed down first, and a transparent top coat is layed down second, achieving a deep, rich color. The final stage is a clear coat.
These days, most pearls are mixed into the paint. It is unusual, even in custom jobs, to see a flake coat or a pearl coat.
While some paints are made specifically to flash faster when aided by heat, paints will cure without it, it just takes a couple of weeks to outgas.
Getting a perfect color match can be tricky. Certain company's formulas to match factory colors can have three or more different formulas...Prime, darker than prime, and lighter than prime, and those don't necessarily ensure a correct match.
Typically, the more white in the mix, the harder it will be to match after years of exposure. (colors like white and silver, etc.)
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