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So I live in San Diego and doubt that my car has ever seen freezing temperatures... Does that mean that my CCV should not fail? (ever?) I am currently at 85k miles.

I have had a slight oil leak for a long time, not sure where it is coming from. I get some drips underneath by the tranny/engine interface. Took it to an Indy shop as I keep throwing some codes for catalyst efficiency and talking to the tech, he thought it might be related to the CCV or maybe the oil filter housing gasket (where it bolts to the block, not O ring). (I have already replaced the DISA, plugs and pre cat O2 sensors previously chasing Catalyst errors - it was the DISA before).

I am doing the valve cover gasket (see if that is the leak), plugs (again as I will have it all apart) and fuel filter tomorrow. Anything I should look for or can I "blow out" the CCV without taking it all apart? (unhook the valve cover hose, pull the dip stick, and push air through one of these and out the other?)

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