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Originally Posted by CrisB02 View Post
Your car doesn't really rasp sorry to burst your bubble. If you want to smooth out your exhaust your intake will have something to do with that the better the element the smoother the sound. For your car to get the full rasp it needs to be a full free flowing open air element intake with higher compression in the block and a free flowing exhaust with no cats and mufflers just straight pipe. Your exhaust is not that loud, go to a reputable muffler shop and tell them what you want and they will be able to complete your setup. Give me a minute and I will post a video of my exhaust for you guys to judge.
It really actually does That vid was not a good representation of what it sounds like IRL. Also when sitting parked and actually under load it sounds totally different. When a buddy pickled up a newsed M this summer, he and I went for a drive and our cars sounded almost identical

Originally Posted by rkneeshaw View Post
Did you get a chance to try this out?

Superhiro, did you ever try an H-pipe?
Nope, but the X-Pipe on the Magnaflow should help.

Originally Posted by rkneeshaw View Post
Hiro, I think we have two options, trying out an Ikon, buying a borla, or waiting and seeing if the magnaflow cat-back they are building will fix our problems.

I tried looking into just replacing the forward resonator with a manaflow unit, but that didnt work out (details and original idea found here: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=700120).

Did you ever get an Ikon?
So I kept me eyes open for a used Ikon and never saw one. But thankfully the Magnaflow with built in X-Pipe finally was produced. So I just ordered it and we'll see if it helps
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