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Darth Bimmer, great explanation. The yellow stuff under the cap is a build up of the moisture and oil in the pcv system. Every time you drive even 20 miles in this cold Canadian weather, shut off the engine and take the oil cap off, it is full of water as well as the area surrounding the opening in the valve cover. I shake my cap out every evening when I get home, and wipe the opening from the water build up, leave the cap off for about 30 minutes, as the engine cools down moisture will evaporate. No yellow cream build up yet. Good idea on cleaning the separator, I agree they do not fail if you can keep them clean. It is really amazing how much water builds up on the inside of the cap and on oil filler opening in valve cover from short trips. If you do not get rid of it problems do arise. You will definitely work on my car if I get to Montreal!
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