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Originally Posted by Luky View Post
So I live in San Diego and doubt that my car has ever seen freezing temperatures... Does that mean that my CCV should not fail? (ever?) I am currently at 85k miles.
It's a LOT less likely but, still could happen. If you never seen any of that yellow sludge around your oil cap, you'll be fine.

Originally Posted by Luky View Post
I have had a slight oil leak for a long time, not sure where it is coming from. I get some drips underneath by the tranny/engine interface.
If you say it's comming from between the tranny and engine, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, the transmission will need to come off. It's your rear main crank seal that crapped. Common probkem.

Originally Posted by Luky View Post
Anything I should look for or can I "blow out" the CCV without taking it all apart? (unhook the valve cover hose, pull the dip stick, and push air through one of these and out the other?)!
You could BUT, if you do, do it immediately before an oil change, as you don't want what came out of there making it's way anywere near any moving engine parts. + Don't forget to be gentle on the pressure, you don't want to dammage the diaphragm in there. You can also shoot some brake cleaner in the tube from the valve cover and let it sit for a while before you blow it out.

Originally Posted by vintagegz View Post
You will definitely work on my car if I get to Montreal!
No problem, just send me an e-mail... You can also get in touch with me over at I'm known as "Chuck Norris" over there. You'll usually find me in the E36/8 forum.

Cheers, hope it helped.


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