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Originally Posted by 98mustangguy View Post
Well i have to say it. My audi IS an all around better car. Faster, better handling, quieter cabin, more comfortable, better gas mileage, better factory stereo, more options in package (like heated steering,lock,washers just to name a few) more reliable but yes i like my bmw
I am surprised your 2.7l twin turbo Audi is faster than your base model 2.5l NA BMW.
I am surprised your S4 handles better than a base model 3 series (this one may be genuine).
I am surprised your S4 is more comfortable than your seemingly no-optioned base model 3 series
I don't believe your S4 has better gas mileage than your 325.
I don't care what stereo is better but i'm going to assume you don't have the HK package.
I don't care you're comparing a poorly optioned base model 3 series to your S4

If you didn't catch the drift, that's a pretty silly comparison because they're completely different cars. I agree the S4 is a better car than your 325, but it doesn't mean much.
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