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Originally Posted by Acarder View Post
I am surprised your 2.7l twin turbo Audi is faster than your base model 2.5l NA BMW.
I am surprised your S4 handles better than a base model 3 series (this one may be genuine).
I am surprised your S4 is more comfortable than your seemingly no-optioned base model 3 series
I don't believe your S4 has better gas mileage than your 325.
I don't care what stereo is better but i'm going to assume you don't have the HK package.
I don't care you're comparing a poorly optioned base model 3 series to your S4

If you didn't catch the drift, that's a pretty silly comparison because they're completely different cars. I agree the S4 is a better car than your 325, but it doesn't mean much.
LOL i was comparing to my wifes 02 a4 not my s4. and yes the audi is much better all around. that said i do like the 325 im not saying its shabby in any way. just that appples to apples audis are better cars. that said i would gladly trade my s4 in on a m3 because personally i like the bmws better but thats a personal opinion. the fact remains that audis are better cars.
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