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Just a little of my personal experience, (your mileage may vary)...

In 2001 I purchased a new A4 Avant with a 1.8T and 5 speed transmission.
In 2005 I traded it for a new 325iT Touring also with a 5 speed.

The Audi was APR chipped so it had about 225 HP compaired to the 325iT at 184 HP.
Both cars weigh about 3350 lbs. Quattro robs some power but the Audi had more power once the boost was on.

So... just like a S4 vs. a ZHP, the Audi has more power on paper, but...
The BMW is smoother and more refined. It handles better and rides better.
The weight balance is better and the suspension tuning is better along with the steering feel.
The BMW brakes have a stronger, more solid feel. The BMW is more fun to drive overall.

The Audi had much more wind noise at 70 mph. The BMWs doors have a heaver, more solid feel.
The Audi had one seal that goes all the way around each door opening, the BMW has two.
The BMW seats are better on my back and the BMW has far less rattles than the Audi.
Also the few rattles in the BMW have been easy to find and fix.
In the Audi the rattles just seemed to keep coming back.
The Bose Stereo in the Audi was better than the BMW H/K but it didn't have steering wheel controls.
The Audi had a number of warranty issues that had to be repaired, including replacing the door hinges because they started to bind.
The BMW has never been back to the dealer.

The only time I miss my Audi is when it snows because I now drive a Subie in the Winter. Personally, I would not buy another Audi.

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