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Originally Posted by 98mustangguy View Post
LOL i was comparing to my wifes 02 a4 not my s4. and yes the audi is much better all around. that said i do like the 325 im not saying its shabby in any way. just that appples to apples audis are better cars. that said i would gladly trade my s4 in on a m3 because personally i like the bmws better but thats a personal opinion. the fact remains that audis are better cars.
Fair enough - what you want in a car is what Audi offers and BMW doesn't so I get where you're coming from. I love BMWs because I love RWD cars with straight 6 engines. Obviously most of them are not the best in any one category but they have the whole package whereas most other manufacturers are only "good" in one or two different aspects. If I wanted a car that could go fast in a straight line and nothing else mattered, BMWs wouldn't appeal to me at all. If i wanted something that could get me from point A to point B forever only needing gas, BMW's wouldn't appeal to me either. The fact of the matter is that what I (and the majority of drivers) like in cars are offered by BMW, and this is reflected in the market share.

Oh LOL, well now your comparison makes more sense. Still can't see how anyone could prefer a Bubble5 A4 over an E46... It's a little much to say that since your A4 is, in your eyes, better than your 325, that Audi > BMW...

Originally Posted by 98mustangguy View Post
yes i am understanding what he said, and i was comparing an a4 to a 325 apples to apples both similar cold wether pkg ect pretty much the same and the audi is a better all around car. maintenance is cheaper, reliability errr should we even talk about bmw reliability lets see subframe, tranny, mounts, overflow, water pump ect ect ect. in 120k miles in the audi i have changed rotors, pads, 1 maf, oil, coolant, spark plugs and about $5 worth of vacuum line. let me know when you hit 120k how much you spent on the bmw. btw did you graduate as reading comprehension isnt your best attribute i see. audi put more items in their packages like why dont i have heated steering/washers/lock in my cold weather audi did. lets see i got on average 5mpg better in the audi. i would assume the bmw awd is comparable so not going to judge on that. interior fit and finish is about the same. audi has waaaaaaaaaay better sound dampening like i can hear wind noise and tire noise in the bimmer in the audi nothing but pure silence. they are very very close cars but even though i like my bmw i will stand by audi is a better all around car. i have driven an m3 and would happily trade my s4 in on one as i have always liked the m3 but like was said before the audi still makes a better daily driver even at that level maybe not as fun or fast as an m3 but still a better daily car. but if you go model lineup the Rs4 would be against the m3, the s4 would be against a 330zhp.
I actually do want to comment on what you've said though about the cars... Audi's are notoriously unreliable, especially in the 95-05 range. I'd prefer dealing to mechanical problems over random electrical faults anyday. You bring the subframe and transmission into this. Have either of those failed on your car? I don't even need to ask, because they haven't, and they won't ever. They're all blown way out of proportion, the actual flaws are apparent on a very small model run and the rest of the damage is caused by the driver. Almost every large flaw (bar the cooling system, and seriously stop complaining because a complete overhaul can be done for under 400 bucks) has been sorted when the model run changed to the 325/330. Just for the record, apart from usual maintenance i've spent less than 500 dollars on both my E46's so I guess the reliability for both cars is really dependent on which one you buy and how it's been treated. Audi puts in more packages stock but the cars cost more from the factory because of it. I would like a heated steering wheel though . Sound deadening adds weight to the car and BMWs are driver cars - it's a 3 series, not a 7. If you don't like noise then it's obvious why you prefer the Audi. BMW's AWD is not comparable because they don't really make AWD cars. Might as well compare BMW's RWD to Audi's RWD.

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