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Hey guys, Blessed1 is correct that we do have his car along with his Dinan exhaust. He was anxious to get this posted so he can use the exhaust system that we recommend for him to use with the stage 2.5 that he is getting done at the moment. When Craig/Blessed1 said to me he wanted pics of what the Dinan exhaust looks like I found a picture and sent it to him not knowing he was trying to sell this at that time. So I apologize for the wrong picture that was used since I was unaware that this was going to be sold on the forum. I am going to load up the pictures of the actual exhaust system that belongs to Craig and if anyone has any questions about this part feel free to contact me at or 503-256-5600 ext 103. I will personally box the product up and ship it to the new courier coming from HPF for Craig/Blessed1. This thread is legit and so is Craig. we will soon be welcoming him to the next line of stage 2.5 guys soon. Lets show the guy some love and I apologize for any misunderstanding about this for sale thread. I just wanted to come in and clean up some misunderstandings.
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