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Originally Posted by colinschick View Post

Why did you need the VW Amp adapter? is that required for everyone buying this system?

Would you advise someone who hasnt installed radios before to take this to get done (along with AC relocation kit) at a shop?

Thanks for your review!
The VW Adapter is for the antenna...the 99-01 models had an older style antenna cable and the included dynavin antenna adapter is worthless (to the older e46).

Its not overly complicated, you just have to take your time. An install of the deck involves:

Removing the glove box
Removing the trim above the glove box
Removing the trim above the radio
Removing the panel on the passenger side pillar
Removing the corner plastic mold cover on the passenger door jam
Removing the window roll up/down / gear shift panel
Removing the ashtray/pocket

all in all, pretty simple...honestly, the hardest thing was getting the cigarette lighter out of the old molding kit.
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