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Originally Posted by McSpeed View Post
Tune-wise you might want to talk to NickG - especially if you're going turbo down the road. His shop's in Pompano Beach -
Thanks! I will contact him in due time.
Guys here's something new, next month I will be taking the plunge (for the better of E46Fanatics! jaja) and I will try to get an Apexi SAFC-II to work on my car.

I dont see why people here have not tried it before (I searched and no one seems to have used one, maybe because most are just scared to do some mild cutting into their DME harness, or that it does not work, but since no one has posted a thread mentioning it, I'll try it out).

My goal here is not to squeeze every possible HP from my engine with an AFC, after all, this will only take care of air/fuel tuning. But given how much richer my engine is running after the headers, Im sure I'll see a benefit from a/f tuning alone. On the richest spot which for my was 6000rpm, stock was at 12.92:1, with headers it was 12.05:1. There would be a few horses to be had there by just taking it up in the 13.1-13.3:1 range. I would have to sit on the dyno for some time to really see what a/f this engine likes best.

The dyno here shows the best baseline run Vs 2 of my headers dyno runs. I blew up the air/fuel box to get a closer look at the change...

This is of course wishful thinking; I still need to see if the AFC can work on my car. I do not see why it would not. AFCs are super easy to work, and require very little input. I know some folks on with M54s had problems getting it to work simply because they could not get a clean Throttle % signal, but on my M52TU it SHOULD not be a problem given that I have a cable-operated TB. Also people often have had problems getting piggybacks to work with the ignition system (and fuel system for the injectors); that would not be the case with an AFC because they tune by modifying the MAF signal before it reaches the DME, so as far as the DME is concerned, the AFC does not exist.

Anyways, here are my questions...

- Does anyone here have the M52TU DME's wiring diagram and pinout? I would need to identify a few cables to make it work... DME 12v Power, DME Ground, Throttle Position, MassAirFlow Signal... that's all I'd need
- Ebay has those Repair Manual CDs, are those worth the $10 or should I just dish out the $ for an actual Bentley CD? This way I can just get this information myself

Thank you guys in advance! Hopefully someone out there can steer me the right direction.

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