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I wonder if the fix that dynavin has come up with might lower the output of the unit (and the noise floor along with it) to a level more compatible with the bmw amp.....the simple fact that they said they were using speakers for testing and not an actual bmw car....or at least the amp and speaker from a car....makes me think that they didnt properly account for the e46 amp.

I have done installs before on oem "amplified" systems (older fords in particular) that I didnt know were amplified until I turned everything on and got symptoms very much like the dynavin problems. Hiss, clicks, hums, bleed, all kinds of problems. Installed a line output converter in line and the problems go away. This is common everyday practice for a stereo installer....matching input and output levels of different components so everything plays nice together.

Or maybe its nothing related to this at all and they just got a few components wrong on the board

And while it sucks that they got it wrong the first time, at least it looks like they are quickly trying to get everything right...

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