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Re: ok its offical, when i installed the nr guages it mess up my speedo

Originally posted by Topaz330
now my speedo is about 5 mph off. it reads that i'm going 5 mph slower than what i'm really doing. i tried almost anything i could to fix it. first off i took off the nr guages( they look aight but i'll stick to the stock look) then i tried to replug everything back in, but it recalibrates it to the same spot thats way lower than what its supposed to be. i tried plugging it in and moving the needle on notch forward to get it to where its supposed to be. it worked for alittle while but somehow went back to the same spot later on. does anyone know how to get the needle back to where its supposed to be? do i need to bring it to the dealer to maybe recalibrate it or something? i mean the needle isn't broken because it moves perfectly fine but this thing is driving me nuts! any help please. heres a pic:
Well it's a really good one to tell the popo when pulled for speeding?

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