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Originally Posted by mass03m3 View Post
1. Where can I get one of these adjustable line output converters and how hard are they to install and price?
any adjustable LOC with wired inputs AND outputs should work, peripheral has one that I use all the time but they just got bought out by PAC....this one looks like the right PAC LOC.

Any car audio shop should have these or something similar in stock, a cheap one should work just fine, they should cost less than $50.

Basically to install this it needs to be spliced in line into the dynavin wire harness on the speaker outputs. This would allow you to reduce the dynavins output and therefore its noise. Since it sounds like only half of the dynavins volume scale is being used the output could be reduced significantly without any change in performance (except the volume numbers would be higher under regular use) as long as the dynavin doesnt produce excessive distortion at higher volumes this should work fine.

Or maybe dynavin will come up with a nice solution!

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