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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
i've had the cabernet a couple of times... personally i think it is definitely a good bottle, but there are some other wines in the same price range that i would prefer (markham, hanna, and simi come to mind)

i haven't had the merlot, but after reading about it, it seams like it is a bit smoother than your average merlot... well oaked... pair it with a nice fatty red meat or even some game... venison, NY sirloin strip, porterhouse...

or (my personal favorite with merlot) either a grilled margherita pizza (robust, not one of those poosay chopped fresh tomato ones, something with character) or some homemade lasagna

i find merlots go very well with a good deep red sauce

after reading this thread, i'm sure you get a good idea how to taste and get a feel for the wine... so make sure you come back and let me know how it is, i'm always up for trying new bottles

don't forget... if it is literally at room temp, open the bottle up for an hour or so prior to drinking (or decant it for an hour) and 30 min before serving, put it in the frig to bring it down to roughly 60-62 degrees

Had it for dinner tonight, paired it with homemade Italian sausage and peppers and it was I chilled the bottle for like 25 mins which i really appreciated since it wasn't warm and it made it very refreshing. I highly recommned it

Im not a wine expert yet so im not gonna get too technical yet so bear with me i used to drink only beers but im slowly starting to get into wines so its starting to get fun.

I brought home a bottle of La Crema 2007 pinot noir and Santa Margherita pinot grigio any thoughts on those?
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