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I am new to using bluetooth. I have a couple of questions regarding the head unit. The broken english in the manual is sometimes hard to decipher.

Do I need to pair my bluetooth phone everytime I get into the car? Is there some way that the head unit can remember my phone? The reason I ask is because my procedure to get the bluetooth to work everytime is:
1. Hit pair button on Dynavin
2. Go to bluetooth menu in my phone
3. on my phone: select audio device, then look for device( takes about 10 sec to find dynavin for my phone) then I select ok to connect on phone and Dynavin connects with device.
I just figured that once I setup the first time that everytime I got into the car with my bluetooth on my phone switched on, all I would have to do is hit pairing on the dynavin and it would reckognize my phone? My phone is cheap(motorola w370) and I am wondering if it is the phone or the dynavin that makes this so time consuming to pair.

Also when I have my phone hooked via bluetooth to the Dynavin unit and I get an incoming call, The dynavin unit rings but so does my cell. Should the cell continue to ring or is there a way to just have the dynavin ring?

in the bluetooth setup menu, there are 3 choices:
1.Bluetooth on or off ( this is straight forward)
2. auto connect on or off(not sure what this one does)
3. auto answer on or off(not sure what this one does)
Can you tell me what 2 and 3 are for and how I should have them setup?

P.s.- if someone wants to make a video of how they set up their bluetooth that would be awesome!!!
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