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Originally Posted by kpxl1023 View Post
Had it for dinner tonight, paired it with homemade Italian sausage and peppers and it was I chilled the bottle for like 25 mins which i really appreciated since it wasn't warm and it made it very refreshing. I highly recommned it

Im not a wine expert yet so im not gonna get too technical yet so bear with me i used to drink only beers but im slowly starting to get into wines so its starting to get fun.

I brought home a bottle of La Crema 2007 pinot noir and Santa Margherita pinot grigio any thoughts on those?
La Crema.... great bottle... one of the few "cheaper" Pinot Noir's that are really worth a bargain.... That and Mark West... Paid about $20 for it right? Good deal... Pinot Noir's are a very sensitive grape (very thins skins) so to get a good Noir, you'll need to spend some money... La Crema is an awesome deal.

I would have suggested that with the sausage and peppers, but to change it up a bit... have it with a nice piece of baked salmon. Be liberal with the black pepper.. the spice in it compliments the wine, and brings out the dark fruitiness of it as well...

As far as the Santa Margherita... one of my most favorite Pinot Grigios... Light, crisp, citrus-y, acidic..... have with shellfish.... It is a little too strong/not sweet enough for oysters/littlenecks on the halfshell, but i think it would pair up nicely with some alaskan king crab legs... they have a bit more flavor than lobster, so it will be able to stand up to the wine a little more


if you don't want to go that route... i think the crispiness of it will pair up nicely with a fatty white fish... Chilean Sea Bass comes to mind... I have a thread on how to sear and bake it... go check it out, it would be bommmb with that Santa Margherita
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