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Originally Posted by jeffb325 View Post
Auto connect on, auto answer off, both devices will ring in most setups i have seen
Ok- I finally got my bluetooth going with the help of you guys. You do turn the autoconnect to on(on the Dynavin unit) to have your phone autolink to the dynavin.
So now, I get into my car and when radio comes on it links with my phone automatically within 2 to 3 seconds and when I get out of car and radio shuts off the cellphone onlinks and goes out of bluetooth mode in 3 to 4 seconds. I did a couple of test Calls with the car running and not running and the reception is actually pretty clear. The only time it gets a little unclear is when i have the blower motor going. I have the dynavin factory supplied external mic in the oem location( next to sunroof control button in the little grill area) and it seems to work very well.
I am very happy with the bluetooth.

On another note, I got my nushield dayvue installed today and it definetely helps with the screen glare. It is not the sunniest day here in MA but It Definetely helps for $17.

Thanks again guys for the help on the bluetooth.
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