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Originally Posted by mass03m3 View Post
I am going to be trying a PAC OEM-2 Factory Sound System Interface to see if i can cut down on the hiss noise. I ordered it from amazon and should be in any day now. I will post my finding on this forum when I get it installed.
I dont know how much experience you have with car audio so if you know this already just ignore me but the LOC will have 4 level adjusters, one for each channel, the idea is to turn DOWN these adjustments some amount (to be determined later) reducing the level of signal going to your factory amp, this will reduce the background noise getting to your amp. Then you will turn UP the volume on the dynavin further than before to make the same audible volume, this makes the background noise a smaller portion of the overall signal going to your amp...effectively increasing the signal to noise ratio of the system.

If you are able to max out the dynavin's volume without the sound being VERY loud, turn the LOC adjustments up some. The goal is to have "VERY LOUD" correspond to around 35+/- on the dynavins volume scale. If you listen to your stereo at a loud volume you could also turn down the LOC even more, reducing the noise even more, but at the expense of max volume.

By the way, im a little on the fence on the oem-2 looks right but I am not positive that it has the right adjustment range.... it isnt the one I usually use, I use the soem-4 all the time (well the old peripheral equivalent) and I know it will do what needs to be done. It should be okay wont hurt just might not do what we are hoping it will do. Standing by for results.

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