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Originally Posted by mass03m3 View Post
I just read the directions online for the pac oem2.. I have 2 questions.

1. Do I need power hooked to the pac oem2? Directions basically say that
these wires(constant power,switched power etc) go directly through from input to output for convenience of wiring. I figured I would just run it by you.

2. On Dynavin's website they claim "45 watts X 4 power output. On The pac oem2 instructions they list 2 different positive speaker wires(for LF,Rf,RR,LR) on the input and output of the unit.
For Example: They say to use the white(Lf +) speaker wire if your aftermarket radio has a high power speaker output of 20w X 4 and higher or if your aftermarket radio has a low speaker output of 20w x 4 or lower use the white/red(LF+).
I imagine I would be using the white wire for the left front as Dynavin claims 45W X 4 Correct?
Correct me if Im wrong, so the RCA output cables are not line-out for use with aftermarket amplifier, these are the powered connections dynavin is talking about when saying the unit has 45x4 power ouput.

If that is true you would need a line converter or something to create line-out for input to an aftermarket amp

Is this the same for the sub-out or can you have a powered sub in the trunk, do you need to use a y-connector to take it from one RCA subout to 2 (think y-connector is correct but I mean to take the 1-subout RCA to 2 output RCA to be used as input on a power subwoofer)?

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