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Originally Posted by damills View Post

[LIST][*]Amp Con - what is it for, is it a turn on for an external amp? If not putting aftermarket amp and speakers, just tape off? Can this also be used if for amp turn on for an external sub?
[*]Reverse - is this the power on for a reverse camera, if no camera tape it off?[*]Parking - what does this connect to, Im assuming from what little I can get out of manual depending on how its connected is whether you can watch DVD while driving or not, is that correct? Wont re-iterate what the manual says (broken english) but what is brake test wire. If you want to watch video, connect to black ground wire on the unit?? Then the manual mentions "second, in main system access language and the press the brake button setting to cancel brake wire function, then it can work normally. SO BASICALLY what to do here, where to I connect the wire labeled "Parking" so I can see vides while driving (for the grandkids), in addition to I still have to turn off in the menu as in the manual[*]When I disconnected my OEM radio I see how the plug supplied from dynavin connects but at the bottom of the OEM connector there is another set of plugs that get connected to nothing, is that correct, is that the bluetooth interface that doesnt interface with OEM interface or ??[*]Opinions on where to put GPS antenna, I know when I worked on my convertible with NAV, I thought the GPS antenna was behind the instrument cluster, will it work there. I see where one owner put it thru the firewall under the hood on the RHD side of the car, any suggestions
[*]Antenna connection, does it help to get a right angle antenna connector to save some space behind unit or will it fit without, I have one but wrong size, will that help?[*]Anyone believe taping off the RCA plugs reduces the bleed, based on dynavin response adding capacitor/resistors, dont think so but dont like doing that, anyone hooked up aftermarket amp, still get noise? One I read that sounds better than hearing the radio is to turn the radio station on something with the least amount of sound, if this unit had the mute if it wasnt a valid station, I mean on my home system, if its not on a station, no static, nice really but would be better to hear a low hiss than a radio station
I will answer what I know.
First of all, I would tape off any connections that you are not using as you don't want them to possibly ground out. There have been a few instances on the Dynavin board where the monitors have blown because of this.

Amp con-lead to turn on external amp
reverse- lead for reverse camera. if you don't have one tape it off
Parking- this connects to a ground so your dvd player will work. Ypou are suppose to connect it to brake ground so you can't play videos whlie driving but to disable this just hook to another groundor black wire off dynavin harness.
Gps antenna- I put mine under dash off to the left side. Plenty off little nooks to put it in. Mine works fine.
Right angle antenna connection- I did not use one and my unit went in fine.

I taped off all my rca s as I was not using them just for piec of mind
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